Non Return Valve Exporters

The valve industry is one of the most productive ones today. They are making one of the parts which is used extensively and by a varied section of the manufacturing industry. The applications of the use spreads across almost the entire spectrum like fertilizers, water recycling, waste water management, oil flow, gas pipe lines, storage wells , parts of machines which need valves and in many household appliances. It is time we took a look at some of the non return valve exporters who are operating across the world today.

Valves are made to last in conditions of extreme pressure and in most cases temperature. These are used for modifying the direction of flow, or regulating the amount of fluid flow. Since the valves are used under the extreme conditions these are made to last using the toughest and most stringent standards possible.
The valves are :

  • Tough and long lasting
  • Survive extreme conditions of temperature and heat
  • Lasts under tough handling
  • Robust parts which do not wear down easily

There are many kinds of valves. The ones generally used are :

  • a) Check valves
  • b) Stop valves
  • c) Diaphragm valves
  • d) Swing valves
  • e) Duck bill valves
  • f) Ball valves
  • g) Disc valves

Non Return Valve Exporters
This is the list of the major industrial valves exporters from the East :

  • The horizontal non return valve is made and exported by Yuhuan Dazhong Copper Industry CO Ltd
  • DGOzone Ltd make Pvdf non return valve
  • Zhejiang Wanguo Fluid Equipment Technology Co Ltd sanitary non return valve
  • Cummins non return valve is made by Wenzhou Huatui Machinery Co Ltd
  • Bellows check valve made for high pressure operations of stainless steel and operating under high temperatures is made by Anhui Tunxi High Pressure Valve Co Ltd
  • Carbon Steel swing Check Valve is made by Zhejiang National Valve Technology Co Ltd. The valve is standard and operates under medium pressure and manual power.

In Europe some of the non return valve exporters are :

  • Exporters Arimex-Valves Co Ltd in Warsaw
  • Pegler &Louden in Ireland
  • Auriema Ltd in UK

It is interesting to note that most of the valves are used for practically the same purpose. That is to monitor or redirect the flow of fluids. The method of operation of the different valves differs slightly and is described below.

  • Swing valve : These have a flap or diaphragm which swings on a hinge or trunnion. The pressure keeps the valve shut and when there is forward flow the hinge allows the flap to move and thus creates the passage for the flow of the fluid.
  • Duck bill valves : These have a soft tube left inside and pointed in the direction of flow. When there is backward flow the pressure of the fluid makes the valve to close and the backward flow is restricted.
  • Check valves : These are the common names for all kinds of valves. These usually have two sections. One is where the fluid enters and the other is where the fluid is allowed to exit. The kind of mechanism which determines the flow gives the name to the valve.
  • Ball valve : The ball is left inside a restricted or a narrowing pipe. If he ball reaches the narrowest end of the pipe then the flow becomes stopped. If there is backward pressure this happens thus restricts the back flow.