High Pressure Non Return Valve

High pressure non return valve is one which is designed to regulate flow in a particular direction. They are so specific in high pressure application that there can be no comparison made with these specialized valves and those of the traditionally available non return valves, which are so easily available in stores across the world. In other words, finding a substitution to the high pressure non return valve in areas of requirement is absolutely not possible.

In case of failures, high pressure application can be very dangerous. Wherever there is the requirement to regulate a heavy force of flow of solids, liquids, or gases, these power valves are engaged keeping the safety aspect in priority. They are working very satisfactorily in many locations around the world. These valves can regulate pressure up to 1000 bar and have specific application in the hydraulic systems, which have to keep in check high pressures.
High Pressure Non Return Valve
There are specific features of a high pressure non return valve. The standard range of working pressure is about 500 bar. The working temperature of these valves, depending upon the sealing material, ranges from -20 degrees C to +25 degrees C. The flow from within the valve is regulated between 500 LPM to 600 LPM. Each valve is tested individually to ensure the safety aspect when the valve is put to use. Some of the valves are plated with steel phosphate, while some could have a metallic finish as per order. Some of them are also manufactured in brass and steel. The main ingredient whose flow regulation relies on these valves are hydraulic oil, gas, water both cold and hot, air, steam, chemicals, etc. Even the slightest failure of the valve can result into big disasters with all these products.

Therefore the safety check of the valves is a priority that is given in their manufacture. The areas where these valves are generally put to use are material handling equipment, earth moving devices, workshops generating power, factories where steel is manufactured, mining, trucks, forklifts, machines which process materials, and many more heavy duty industries, where a great force of pressure is utilized.
High Pressure Non Return Valve Manufacturer
In short, these valves are great safety products as they keep the pressure flow under control and release only the quantity of pressure required in optimal functioning of machinery. Hence, the prices of these valves differ from the traditionally designed valves, which are not capable of checking the high pressures as required. For the safety aspect, the materials used in these valves are also never compromised with. Good established suppliers only have stock of such valves as they are very expensive and are not easily available in petty stores.

Quality is the major concern and so price is seldom picked on. Some of these valves are even designed and manufactured as per the requirement of certain machinery, as the standard ones that are available are sometimes not deemed to be appropriate. A lot of research goes into making these valves, which occupy a very significant place in manufacturing those machinery, which are considered to be of utmost importance to mankind.