15mm Non Return Check Valve

The main features of the 15-mm non return check valve starts with its valve opening specifically to 15-mm. Standard range of working pressure is 500 bar. Temperature of working, depending on material used for sealing, is between -20 degrees C to +25 degrees C. Pressure testing is done individually to assure safety. These valves can be of various finishes per order. Some of the usually used ones are plated with carbon steel phosphate, some have a metallic finish, and some are also manufactured in stainless steel and brass.

The 15-mm non return check valve manufacturing is mostly inspired by the German technology for single-directional flow regulation. These are particular types of valves which cannot be substituted for any other valves which are available in stores. The flow pressure of liquids or gases is regulated by keeping the opening of the valve fixed to 15?mm. Hence, they are machine specific valves, made to order, to be fitted to specific devices, which require the flow regulation particularly in this scale. Failure of these valves can be highly dangerous and lead to serious consequences. They have a very compact design and are machine specific.

Since the opening of valve is only 15-mm, this valve is engaged in high pressure devices. The specific devices are material handling devices, earth moving devices, plants generating power, plants manufacturing steel, chemical processors, etc. The substances which are allowed to flow though the 15-mm non return check valve are oil, water both hot and cold, chemicals, steam, etc. These types of valves also find their place in irrigation and drip irrigation purposes. They help to regulate flow of water even with a closed source hence helping with watering in fields.
15mm Brass Non Return Check Valve
There is an exclusive testing conducted for the 15-mm non return check valve. All manufactured units have to meet the ISO standards and are hence scrutinized minutely. They pass through a detailed laboratory test for pressure and flow regulation. A complete set of fitting gauges of appropriate dimension is available for supply as per orders. There is a specific calibration certification given to define the flow capacity that is being regulated by this particular valve.

The safety aspects attached to valves are very high and hence no compromise is made on quality. These valves are manufactured by expert technical persons, who are highly qualified and experienced in this field. A lot of research goes into developing these specific calibration valves.

The devices which are fitted with these valves are of very high pressure sequences. Even a small failure can lead to very heavy damages. So each and every dimension and specification of such valves are important. Quality is given supreme importance. Pricing though varies from company to company, clients go in for high quality first and do not compromise on pricing keeping in mind the consequences. These are specific dimension valves and hence their usage also is very specific. Without these, certain machinery will not be functional at all. This small device actually acts as the power generator for big bulky machinery and by regulating the pressure flow through these valves the larger machinery are operated according to requirement.